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Hi, and thank you for taking the time to read our first post!

We are a new preparation centre established online to help teachers prepare for their competitive teaching exam to become English teachers in the public sector in Spain. We are very excited about the prospect of helping other English teachers get their dream job and also to help them develop their skills in teaching English as a foreign language or second language.

We are a small team of teachers who have been working in the industry and have lots of experience in the public and private sectors. Our methodologies are founded on sound principles and reference the latest research. Most of our session delivery will be based on a communicative approach and we will utilize digital platforms and video conference facilities to provide a comfortable secure learning environment.

Some of our posts will be related to teaching English in general and others will be focused on the needs of teachers preparing for the competitive public exams for primary and secondary education. In addition, we would like to share ideas and innovations in technology to apply in the MFL classroom. Another unique aspect of our blog will be that some posts will be written in Spanish and some in English.

So, without further ado let`s get started by looking at the next competitive exam for primary teachers in 2024.

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